Passion, Pain and Rugby…

RedsWe Are Queensland. We Are Red.

Saturday night I stayed up to watch the All Blacks vs Springboks play in South Africa now this takes some dedication as the games starts at 12:45am and goes until 3am. On my part, it is also a bit of Rugby withdrawal as I am an avid fan, love the game and it is therapy for me. Back to sleep for four hours and up again to go to the markets, on our bikes. After we put everything away, breakfast time: scrambled eggs with parsley, mushrooms, baked beans and coffee, ready to watch the Wallabies vs Pumas in Rosario, Argentina, this at the civilized hour of 10am, I have loved that Argentina joined the competition, it has added spice to the game, this year.

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Passion, Pain and Rugby….


Changing Spaces

The 1st of May has brought a change in premises, as I have joined the crew at 29 Margaret Street, Southport.

The entry & cafe area
29 Margaret Str, Southport

The change was a series of experiences which included conversations, personal and professional interaction and events over 12 months. These occurrences started like an irritation under the skin which eventually became to annoying to ignore. This Psychosomatic moment made me realise if I didn’t do something different, I would start to manifest this irritation as a something deeper within, as an old pattern of mine was to bury stuff to ignore until I got sick of it, literally.

The change of self and my professional direction had commenced. I had started to make changes to future goals, but my immediate experience was the irritation, my own self worth both professionally and financially. My professional life suffered, when it became influenced by a series of upheavals within my personal life.

These personal upheavals have assisted me to breakdown some of the belief systems that had supported me to stay in the position I was in. My own isolation which I had created to feel comfortable eventually walled me in and events blew everything apart. It did not feel good at the time as I have had over 16 years of fairly good times with only slight bumps in the road, but now I look back and can only give thanks to the events, my partner Shane for his support and my children for their love.

I realised that I could no longer be the only source of my income as when I could not perform to my normal ability everything suffered. Read the rest of this entry »

Bang, Shatter, Assistance, Thanks and Healing…….

On Sunday, after a week of speaking out loud that I would like to be less earthy, the universe had other ideas. It may have been that I wasn’t so specific in my request to be lighter in my body and not lighter everywhere eg. my head. Well, I was brought back to earth and body instantaneously with the accident on Sunday.

There are many things I am thankful for:

  • The poor man who assisted me to come home to myself, with his car.
  • The calmness of Kaitlyn when she realised she was okay. Because of the exposure at Surf Life Saving – Patrol, Nippers and training with scenarios, she was okay when they put a spinal collar on her as a precaution.
  • The gentleman and his friend who assisted Kaitlyn and carried her to their car and calling for emergency assistance (he would have been surprised when he picked her up most people are, as she is quite solid).
  • The gentleman who pried open my door to help me out of the car, help me across the road and kept me appraised of the state of the other driver who had damaged his foot and followed us in another ambulance.
  • The ambulance officers with their calmness and smiles both at the scene and at the hospital.
  • Shane for not yelling at me (Teea told me he had already done that at home) and being reasonable calm even if he didn’t know my details when requested by the police.
  • The traffic cops that arrived on the scene and gave traffic tickets to 3 out of 4 of Teea’s friends for not wearing their seat belts as they passed him to drop Teea off. At least one is now remembering to wear her seatbelt at all times. This small thing saved both our lives, it was worth the bruises, as the none of the 6 airbags deployed.
  • The accident cops (different from the traffic ones, didn’t know this, learnt many new things) arrived and took our statements and informed me that they would get another version at the hospital. They did, the policeman took my statement down, he needs to learn a faster shorthand, he’s probably being held back by being left-handed….
  • The smiling faces of the Nurses, Doctors and Radiologist, yes it was at Gold Coast Hospital and it was Sunday. Amazing how some events at this hospital are a good experience and no I wasn’t on any pain medication!  It was nice to see a familiar, friendly face and your concern, you know who you are.
  • Thanks go to the friends in deed Lynne Gillogly – Massage, Marie Müller – Rebalance and Alignment, Angela Barnett – Yoga Therapy and all those who inquired after my wellbeing just from Shane’s blog and word of mouth.

Kaitlyn recovered the fastest with just some muscle soreness in the neck and a slight bruise to the side of the head. Me, the photos are attached as there are some impressive colours but hardly any soreness. Except the two middle fingers which look almost normal (naturally plump) but there is a slight challenge in straightening two of them on the right hand, off to the surgeon tomorrow for an assessment as it is impeding my massage ability. Yesterday the bruising to my sternum made its way to the surface, my chest feels like it is cracking open every time I put any effort into lifting and engaging any chest muscles. Maybe my heart is making its way to the light, breaking the bonds (my Teea would say I don’t have one in one of her moments of jest).

So here is to shaking everything up and breaking the bonds, Yahoo!!! ( Really? My body? Universe couldn’t the message be in a mental download, it could have been but maybe I wasn’t listening).

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Hello world!

Today is the Day

Today I start this Blog Shane has set up for me not sure as yet what to share but here we go.

Pondering all the cataclysmic events that have happened around the world for the last couple of years. It is amazing that we have kept reasonably safe in the world over the many years that have passed without too many natural events before the Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia and the continuing experiences of upheaval around the world.

The Earth seems to have had enough of the slow progress and started her own changing and cleansing. that many of us have experienced with ourselves.  Mainly cleansing through water representing emotions clearing and cleansing creating the space for new creations and experiences. The effects of all the events in the last 6-7 years with the building with unfortunate death tolls has created an out pouring of assistance and grace taking all forms of help and community.

In our giving and sharing, especially through technology, we keep the awareness of others and the assistance they require.

Creating new patterns for ourselves, with assistance allows support and a new perspective. Those willing to change and integrating those patterns into life are finding the change even bigger and more life altering than expected. Those who have resisted change have experienced major upheavals out of their control and can experience a sense of exhaustion, depletion and poor immune responses and even an unwillingness to stay on the planet and their moving on creating a wave of change in their passing.

Well enough of the musing with Grace and in the Light